Friday, April 10, 2009

Let Go

There has been a lot going on with me lately and it's really becoming very overwhelming. I'm at the point where I have absolutely no clue what to do anymore. Am I at breaking point? Not quite; but if things continue to get worse, I probably will reach that point sooner or later. I know you have to go through things to become stronger, but honestly, when does the struggle end? When does the hurt cease? Does it ever? I truly hope so because I honestly don't know how long I can deal.

I've been talking to my mom a lot lately about the things going on in my head, which is something that I rarely do. It's not that my mom and I aren't close, it's just the simple fact that I'd rather keep things inside and to myself instead of discussing things. I don't do too well with constructive criticism. But we talked, and she told me that
I just need to let that shit go or else it'll get the best of me in the very worst way. It's not as easy as it sounds but it's got to be done. Cus I really don't wanna feel this way anymore.

So I apologize for the lack of posts and communication with you all. I know I've apologized 021380123801380130 times for this but I'm asking everyone to bare with me on this. I'm working hard to get through all of this and I just need a little patience. -sigh- Idk.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't Stand The Rain...

...but it makes things so beautiful!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy!

I haven't been blogging like I should and I apologize. I'm dealing with more important things at the moment. Lo siento, pero bare with me. Gracias. But there has been a mixtape frenzy going on lately. I mean EVERYBODY'S droppin one! But only 3 have caught my eye. I'll be blogging about all of them this week. I'm a busy lady so be patient with me lol. But one in particular being from thee one and only Eric "E Dot DizZy." [had to put thee gov, boo. you know that's all i call you lol] I'm sure you all know him from his lovely blog where you've had plenty of those "story of my life" moments. But now you have an opportunity to get into his mental through his music. I've downloaded and listened to it and I can truly say that I'm lovin it. I've listened to his "Never Stop Dreamin" and "I Am McLovin" mixtapes and I can truly say that he's a very talented artist and has no doubt grown. You can always tell when someone puts their blood, sweat and tears into something that they love and it's quite obvious that that's exactly what was put into this Dizzyana mixtape. I can truly and honestly that "Runnin" is one of my favorite songs. It speaks volumes. "My biggest fear is being a failure as any sign of failing and my mind goes rebellious." SO deep. I'm also really feelin "Successful" and "Don't Stop" oooowwwwww! A lot of time and effort has been put into it and it's obvious. I remember talking to him during the process. I guess the long nights and lack of sleep really paid off!

Download here.
Dizzy's Myspace
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Disclaimer: A few of my posts got deleted somehow. So I had to repost this one.

Sin City & Perfect Balance

Yes. It's another mixtape post lol. This is the last one. Anyway, Sin and the PME fam bam dropped 2 mixtapes that I absolutely love. Sin City and Perfect Balance are no doubt must haves and if you haven't already downloaded them both then you fuckin suck big hairy donkey kong balls. Yeah, I said it. So hop to it. It's as simple as that. PME is doin the damn thing. Hell even moms is quotin from both mixtapes! She's a big music head and she knows her shit. What does that tell you?! I'm actually listening to "Untitled" on the Sin City mixtape. This is one of my favorites. But whatever, go download. Get wit it or get lost! Now scram, kids; you're making me itch.