Monday, February 9, 2009

Shopping pt. 2

So this is the second part in my 2 and a half day shopping spree. I'm gonna be quite honest, I DIDN'T buy all of this myself; my mom and mi abuelita went shopping with me as well. I'm pretty spoiled lol. I can truly and honestly care less how people feel about that. All I'm gonna say if you hatin then mind ya bidness and press Alt+F4, bruh. And to answer your question, Toy, I did order some shit from Karmaloop and got some stuff from Dr. Jay's that I have yet to take pics of. Didn't really feel like to be honest lol.

In other news, I saw my "friend" last night before he went back to Syracuse and we talked. Well, I did most of the talking because I had a lot that I needed to say about how he's been acting. He said that he understood and admitted that he WAS acting like a damn child and said he'd chill with the bitchassness. Yeah, he said it. And that's all I really wanted. That and for him to get his act together. After we talked and resolved this whole thing, he told me he wanted to take me SHOPPING! Can't buy my love or happiness but it damn sure will make me smile! Lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm no gold digger. Mami's makin bank and I can take myself shopping; don't get it twisted, boo. But I'm not gonna tell him NO! Especially if he WANTS to. Plus, Valentine's Day is coming up lmfao. Sooooo I might take him up on that offer.

I wasn't in the mood to make any posts about the Grammy's and I DON'T wanna read any blogs about it. Sorry. And I damn sure don't wanna read any blogs about CB and Rhianna. Smh. I'm tired of this whole situation.


toytoyy said...

ok so i'm majorly jealous of you right now.
in a good wayyy. lol.

i'm still wondering what do you do?

& smh @ the whole chris brown rihanna thing..
i been following it all night.

NayNayGotCakes said...

questioooon! how much is the heart tif and co. necklace?

i would really like to know..
cuz i have one but it was a gift and i wanna sell it

btw im super jealous

JKisz said...

@NayNay: it was like $875 because the chain and the charm was seperate.

kmx. said...

High five for spoiled kids. ;]
All of your shiiaat is spectacularrr. Very very nicee.

toytoyy said...

what is your aim??

Miss.Stefanie said...

Omg! Where do you get your cash flow from?! Hahahaha

NayNayGotCakes said...


wow my ex was tryin real hard!

thanks ana =]

A.R. said...

ana banana, i'm so ecited you went shopping, it makes everything better, lol.

Jervis said...

BALLIN!!!,the only thing I could afford are them nikes,lol

toytoyy said...

last comment, i promise =]

aww, i'm in itt.
lol :D

PiinkCupcakez said...

wow that's alot of fabulousness! lol
luckyyyyy =]

StarzGazR said...

ballin-- i agree!!

Shit girl he wanna take you shoppin- he aint said nothing but a word-- it does not make you a gold digger cuz thats not the main thing you want from him...

And i am also hatin on the chanel necklace :)

Rai said...

LMAO. I agree with you on that.
Who's gonna pass free stuff?!

You got some amazing things.
I looooove that Chanel necklace.

Brothers Blog said...

great pics. And if he buyin I don't blame you for accepting. lol.

Cecelia said...

hmm, what kind of camera do you use?