Friday, March 20, 2009

How Many Licks?

I'm numb; logic smothers the flame within the heart, but I don't ever let it die

keep the fluids runnin, though they get backed up over time

Rush...can you feel it...that adrenaline...butterflies in your stomach, if you can handle the roller coaster...your guaranteed to have some fun

but if you get too nauseous homie better get off of the fast tracks, cause if you make too many nasty noises, you'll see mami run

takin cover...after poking and provoking the beast within silly people...short-lived self-gratification from the reaction

cause I'm numb and bored with the same silly old routine, analyzing and validating the ill will of the ill-willed is the closest thing to satisfaction

bored with playin the role, so I role play til I'm ready to make a scene, the suspense of puttin it out there, stimulating though unworthy to the true craving of the soul

you can get under the skin, to the bone, out through another hole, still aint murder the times lost but I'm still behind the wheel in control

talk aint cheap it cost valuable time, unless a man is actually makin moves, relationships don't move me

literally and figuratively speakin, loved or fucked over, you better be sure bout what you want to do and do it smoothly

and finish what you started, cause rest assure I compromise and stretch like elastic, but sweetie when I snap back

My alias is Karma, cause I'm giving 10 times back what you gave me, and I ain't sparing jack

An asshole will be an asshole, rather the bullshit is put out there fast or slow

People swear they are pimpin something, when you remain silent just to see how far they will go

Lick off my kindness greedy muhfucka and take a bite of my tootsie, until I roll

How many licks would it have taken to get to my heart and feel real love versus that shit that gets stuck in your teeth...the world may never know

Disclaimer: I didn't know wtf I was writing lol. Just writing stuff that came to mind. So if you're confused then uh. Idk lol.


Miss.Stefanie said...

This was beautiful...beautifully written hun!

Rai said...

When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a sexual type of poem. lol

But I like it. You could interpret it your own kind of way.

kmx. said...

AAAAH the end was the icing on the cake; it was already hot to begin with. & she does it again... =)

Mr. Rush said...

That was NICE!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I like this a lot! Nice.